Music Video for Evan Schelton

Music Videos

We were hired to produce two music videos for the very talented Evan Schelton.  One was for his new Christmas song. “What Christmas Means to Me.”  The second was for ” This I Pray. ”

Clients Comments:

We hired Greg Alexander recently to produce two music videos for a new artist, Evan Schelton.

Being 14 years old, this was the first time Evan had recorded original music and both songs had a specific message that needed to be communicated effectively through video.  This I Pray, written by Aaron Sidwell, was to send a message of hope and healing to teens that had ever thought about or attempted self mutilation or suicide.

Greg was able to quickly understand the sensitive nature of the video, but also grasp the need to clearly communicate the struggle that teens face on a daily basis.  During the course of the pre-production, Greg communicated with us consistently and was never afraid to ask questions for clarity and provide creative input that would make the project better and more meaningful.

The shooting process was well organized and documented, and the finished product that was delivered was a very powerful piece that has brought many to tears.  Due to the song and video, Evan has received many communications on how the message has helped them through a tough time of either losing someone to suicide or helped them to be brave.  Evan was also interviewed by the local newspaper about the project after the reporter saw the video on line.  To date the video has received almost 10000 views on You Tube.


What Christmas Means to Me was an entirely different project that was a much more simple production, but needed to portray the feelings of Christmas in a way that was not “cheesy”.  We had no hesitation in hiring Greg to take over the entire creative process and design of this video.  What was produced has been well received and showcases the song.  What Christmas Means To Me has gone on to receive airplay all over the country and the video has produced over 6800 views.

Actors that attended the video shoot have repeatedly reached out to me to get Greg’s contact information for future projects due to the positive experience they had on set with Greg.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone on any type of project.  He is a trust professional and delivers!! 


Facebook Video

Facebook Video For TECU Credit Union

Working with Cohlmia Marketing, we created a Facebook video to promote TECU Credit Union’s new question and answer person on their web site.


Wedding video equipment

Who needs a videographer? I’ll get my friend to video it with his phone.

It is truly amazing the video we can shoot with our phones. The quality of cell phone video has improved drastically. So why do I need to pay a professional to video? Listen to the audio of a cell phone video. It sounds like the person 20 ft away. It picks up extra noise around the phone.

This is why equipment makes all the difference. Quality is very important to me. I have wireless microphones for the minister or priest, groom, and vocalists. All the audio is crystal clear, no echoing church or someone coughing or sneezing into the cell phone. Take a look at the video below to see why it is so important to include a videographer in your wedding budget.

Reason you should have a videographer

Reason you should have a videographer

For many couples a videographer tends to be on the bottom of their list. Other things have always come first like the dress, flowers, photographer, etc… and then after all of that, they think it might be nice to hire a wedding videographer.

Why you should have a videographer?


The cake will be eaten. The flowers will wilt. Your dress will go in a box to be preserved. When all is said and done all you have left from your wedding day are the photographs and hopefully your wedding video. Years from now when your children and grandchildren ask what your wedding day was like you can take yourself and them back to that special day through video. My wife and I watch ours every anniversary. Our kids enjoy watching it and seeing us dressed up and looking so young. It brings back the emotion and feelings from that day.

The wedding is over already.

The wedding day goes by so fast.  My wife and I have been married for over ten years. I have to be honest, I don’t remember much from that day. I know the facts, like where I got married and who my best man was but so much of it is just a blur. But when we play our wedding video it all comes back. We get to see our grandparents who have since passed away and enjoy our first dance again. There are moments and emotions that are difficult to capture in a photograph.

*And for you guys out there that might be reading this, I rented a movie theater on our 5th anniversary and showed our wedding video. I got bonus points for that one. I wouldn’t have been able to surprise my wife with that had I not had a video.

The story:

I have worked with many amazing photographers and have seen some incredible pictures. But the one thing that is missing with pictures is “the story,” your story. Video is the best way to capture this.  The flower girl running down the aisle, the father and daughter dance, the toast, etc.

Seeing is believing. See some of the amazing moments that I have had a privilege to capture.

Who is the best person to talk about my product or service in a video

Who is the best person to talk about my product or service in a video?

Many times when we first talk to new clients we ask them who we will be interviewing. It may be the CEO, an expert, or one of the workers. All of these are great representatives of your company, however don’t forget the customer. I have seen too many corporate videos telling the audience how great the company or product is, how they are the leader in their industry but they only interview their staff. These people are important and should have a small part in the video but people want hear from other customers. They want hear from someone who is not biased. They want to know why they bought the product/service and what they think of the product/service after using it. In this example, from Preventive Medicine Center, we show a great balance of the doctor telling about his services and client’s testimonial praising the results of the service.

So when you’re thinking about your video, don’t forget that your customer just may be your best salesman.

How long will it take to make my video

It takes how long to shoot the video in my office?

Many clients are pleasantly surprised at how long the shooting and interview process takes in their office. There are many factors that go into the shooting of video.  Set up lights, working with talent and shooting different camera angles. Then when we move to another location we do the whole thing all over again. Be patient with us and we will make you a great video.

On most interviews, I set up 30 minutes before the interview. It generally takes 30 to 45 minutes for the interview and another 30 min to get video of the person we interview while they work. So if we have multiple interviews in one day, plus travel, set up and take down,  you can see a how a half day to a day may be necessary.

Using QR code to take your video to the papers

Using QR code to take your video to the papers

QR codes are getting more and more popular . We recently did a QR code for a promotional video for Senior Services of Wichita.  For many years we have done the videos for their Celebrity Roast fundraiser.  Their videos have always been a great success for their events and popular on YouTube afterward. This year we did a preview roast we posted on Senior Services’ web site, Facebook and a QR code on the mailer for the event. It’s just another way to get more use out of your video.

How long will it take to make my video

How long will it take to make my video?

There  are a lot of things that factor into how long it takes. Is it being shot all in one day, how long is the video,  is there an event dead line, how many people are enrolled in the process, and many more.  When we start we always talk about when it needs to be finished and how long the video needs to be.  We would recommended a minimum timeline be 30 days. We can of course complete a video in a few days if necessary but that’s not recommended. One thing that will help us is communication.  In the video process there are many things that need to be set up or approved, interviews, days, script, first edit and final video.  The faster we get the feedback from the client, the easier it is to get your video done.  It’s best to always plan ahead.

The power of testimonial videos

The power of testimonial videos

We all do it. We go to Amazon and click on the reviews when we are looking for a product. Did they like it? Did it break after a month? That is information we all would like to know. We care what other people think.

Written online testimonial videos are great. I have them on my website and I bet you have them on yours, but there is still something missing; the story, the emotion and the sincerity.  Here are two testimonials from my wedding side of Alexander Video productions. One written, one video. Look at both and see which one would convince you more.

“I am so pleased that we chose Alexander Video Productions to be our wedding videographer. You worked in a friendly and professional way. You were on time and probably spent more time on the wedding day than you needed to. The video you produced made the bride, groom, and family members very pleased. It was both thorough and professional. I find myself looking at the first and last chapters of the video as they are packed with the emotion of the day. You definitely went more than the “extra mile” in working with some special needs after the fact that were unrelated to your work. Greg, thanks to you for the great experience.”
– Barry Burgard, father of the bride

While that video was great because you get to see video from her wedding, not all video testimonials need to be like this. People just want to hear from the customers and the experience they had. Here is another example.

So call some of your best customers about doing an online testimonial video. Then give us a call.

one type of video willnot work for every use

Why one type of video will not work for every use

Many clients I talk to want one video to work for home page, trade shows, youtube, Facebook, etc. A video that you might play at a tradeshow should involve text because audio is going to difficult to hear in that type of situation. The less audio you have, the better. A Facebook video should not be more than 2 to 3 minutes long. A potential client isn’t going to want to watch more than a few minutes. Effective videos are made for the venue they are going to be played on. Here is an example of a trade show video we did for Star Lumber.

This video is more text driven. You don’t even need to hear it to get the message. You might be thinking one more video. How much will this cost? It’s all about looking at all the ways you can shoot one video and use it in multiple videos. We had done other videos for Star Lumber for their YouTube page and we were able to re-edit the trade show video out of their web video,  so the cost for their new and more effective video was minimal. Make sure you have the right video for the right use. Talk to us more about your video.