Reason you should have a videographer

Reason you should have a videographer

For many couples a videographer tends to be on the bottom of their list. Other things have always come first like the dress, flowers, photographer, etc… and then after all of that, they think it might be nice to hire a wedding videographer.

Why you should have a videographer?


The cake will be eaten. The flowers will wilt. Your dress will go in a box to be preserved. When all is said and done all you have left from your wedding day are the photographs and hopefully your wedding video. Years from now when your children and grandchildren ask what your wedding day was like you can take yourself and them back to that special day through video. My wife and I watch ours every anniversary. Our kids enjoy watching it and seeing us dressed up and looking so young. It brings back the emotion and feelings from that day.

The wedding is over already.

The wedding day goes by so fast.  My wife and I have been married for over ten years. I have to be honest, I don’t remember much from that day. I know the facts, like where I got married and who my best man was but so much of it is just a blur. But when we play our wedding video it all comes back. We get to see our grandparents who have since passed away and enjoy our first dance again. There are moments and emotions that are difficult to capture in a photograph.

*And for you guys out there that might be reading this, I rented a movie theater on our 5th anniversary and showed our wedding video. I got bonus points for that one. I wouldn’t have been able to surprise my wife with that had I not had a video.

The story:

I have worked with many amazing photographers and have seen some incredible pictures. But the one thing that is missing with pictures is “the story,” your story. Video is the best way to capture this.  The flower girl running down the aisle, the father and daughter dance, the toast, etc.

Seeing is believing. See some of the amazing moments that I have had a privilege to capture.


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