The power of testimonial videos

The power of testimonial videos

We all do it. We go to Amazon and click on the reviews when we are looking for a product. Did they like it? Did it break after a month? That is information we all would like to know. We care what other people think.

Written online testimonial videos are great. I have them on my website and I bet you have them on yours, but there is still something missing; the story, the emotion and the sincerity.  Here are two testimonials from my wedding side of Alexander Video productions. One written, one video. Look at both and see which one would convince you more.

“I am so pleased that we chose Alexander Video Productions to be our wedding videographer. You worked in a friendly and professional way. You were on time and probably spent more time on the wedding day than you needed to. The video you produced made the bride, groom, and family members very pleased. It was both thorough and professional. I find myself looking at the first and last chapters of the video as they are packed with the emotion of the day. You definitely went more than the “extra mile” in working with some special needs after the fact that were unrelated to your work. Greg, thanks to you for the great experience.”
– Barry Burgard, father of the bride

While that video was great because you get to see video from her wedding, not all video testimonials need to be like this. People just want to hear from the customers and the experience they had. Here is another example.

So call some of your best customers about doing an online testimonial video. Then give us a call.


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