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How long will it take to make my video

How long will it take to make my video?

There  are a lot of things that factor into how long it takes. Is it being shot all in one day, how long is the video,  is there an event dead line, how many people are enrolled in the process, and many more.  When we start we always talk about when it needs to be finished and how long the video needs to be.  We would recommended a minimum timeline be 30 days. We can of course complete a video in a few days if necessary but that’s not recommended. One thing that will help us is communication.  In the video process there are many things that need to be set up or approved, interviews, days, script, first edit and final video.  The faster we get the feedback from the client, the easier it is to get your video done.  It’s best to always plan ahead.

one type of video willnot work for every use

Why one type of video will not work for every use

Many clients I talk to want one video to work for home page, trade shows, youtube, Facebook, etc. A video that you might play at a tradeshow should involve text because audio is going to difficult to hear in that type of situation. The less audio you have, the better. A Facebook video should not be more than 2 to 3 minutes long. A potential client isn’t going to want to watch more than a few minutes. Effective videos are made for the venue they are going to be played on. Here is an example of a trade show video we did for Star Lumber.

This video is more text driven. You don’t even need to hear it to get the message. You might be thinking one more video. How much will this cost? It’s all about looking at all the ways you can shoot one video and use it in multiple videos. We had done other videos for Star Lumber for their YouTube page and we were able to re-edit the trade show video out of their web video,  so the cost for their new and more effective video was minimal. Make sure you have the right video for the right use. Talk to us more about your video.