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Music Videos

We were hired to produce two music videos for the very talented Evan Schelton.  One was for his new Christmas song. “What Christmas Means to Me.”  The second was for ” This I Pray. ”

Clients Comments:

We hired Greg Alexander recently to produce two music videos for a new artist, Evan Schelton.

Being 14 years old, this was the first time Evan had recorded original music and both songs had a specific message that needed to be communicated effectively through video.  This I Pray, written by Aaron Sidwell, was to send a message of hope and healing to teens that had ever thought about or attempted self mutilation or suicide.

Greg was able to quickly understand the sensitive nature of the video, but also grasp the need to clearly communicate the struggle that teens face on a daily basis.  During the course of the pre-production, Greg communicated with us consistently and was never afraid to ask questions for clarity and provide creative input that would make the project better and more meaningful.

The shooting process was well organized and documented, and the finished product that was delivered was a very powerful piece that has brought many to tears.  Due to the song and video, Evan has received many communications on how the message has helped them through a tough time of either losing someone to suicide or helped them to be brave.  Evan was also interviewed by the local newspaper about the project after the reporter saw the video on line.  To date the video has received almost 10000 views on You Tube.


What Christmas Means to Me was an entirely different project that was a much more simple production, but needed to portray the feelings of Christmas in a way that was not “cheesy”.  We had no hesitation in hiring Greg to take over the entire creative process and design of this video.  What was produced has been well received and showcases the song.  What Christmas Means To Me has gone on to receive airplay all over the country and the video has produced over 6800 views.

Actors that attended the video shoot have repeatedly reached out to me to get Greg’s contact information for future projects due to the positive experience they had on set with Greg.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone on any type of project.  He is a trust professional and delivers!! 



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