MarketingEverybody has a few things already in place for every business. Business cards, check. Website, check. But what if you can’t talk to EVERYBODY about your business at once. Here’s an idea- create a marketing video and send it to them. Better yet, save the postage and post the video on the homepage of your website. It’s more personal. It draws people into your brand. It creates excitement.

Here’s the number one fact about the digital world we live in: People still want to buy from people. If your website doesn’t show you, in real time promoting your product, you’re just like every other company out there. With today’s technology, there are opportunities that will give you a great advantage. On your website, there is the option of streaming a whole video, or even a segmented portion specialized for each page. Video production gives you the power to disseminate a message to large audiences by creating a DVD, multimedia CD, or posting the video on your website.

Marketing Video Examples

Celco Branding Video

Star’s Lumber Remodelers Resource Informational Video

Wichita Cental Library Video

Perfection Builders Informational Video-

Client Testimonials

Faith Home and Hospice

“Working with Greg was a pleasure. We hired Greg for several video projects including “Dorothy’s Day”- a video on the importance of home health care for seniors. Greg was sensitive to the subject, easy to work with and open to ideas. he made our video projects come to life with his knowledge and expertise. Thanks Greg!”

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