Who is the best person to talk about my product or service in a video?

Who is the best person to talk about my product or service in a video

Many times when we first talk to new clients we ask them who we will be interviewing. It may be the CEO, an expert, or one of the workers. All of these are great representatives of your company, however don’t forget the customer. I have seen too many corporate videos telling the audience how great the company or product is, how they are the leader in their industry but they only interview their staff. These people are important and should have a small part in the video but people want hear from other customers. They want hear from someone who is not biased. They want to know why they bought the product/service and what they think of the product/service after using it. In this example, from Preventive Medicine Center, we show a great balance of the doctor telling about his services and client’s testimonial praising the results of the service.

So when you’re thinking about your video, don’t forget that your customer just may be your best salesman.


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