Susan’s Kids

Over the years we had the great opportunity to be part of Susan’s Kids. Susan’s Kids, started by Susan Peters, is a non-profit that finds homes for Kansas foster kids. This is done by paid commercial sponsors that feature the foster kids. We also create profiles for each foster kid that you can view at The best thing about Susan’s Kids is that it works. Thirty-five percent of the kids we feature get placed in a forever home. To learn more, go to

Susan’s Kids Video Examples

Kids Profile Story for Susan’s Kids

Kids Profile Story for Susan’s Kids

Susan’s Kids Commercial

Susan’s Kids Commercial-

Client Testimonials

Faith Home and Hospice

“Working with Greg was a pleasure. We hired Greg for several video projects including “Dorothy’s Day”- a video on the importance of home health care for seniors. Greg was sensitive to the subject, easy to work with and open to ideas. he made our video projects come to life with his knowledge and expertise. Thanks Greg!”

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